Worldwide Camera Sales Take Another Tumble

Worldwide Camera Sales Take Another Tumble

CIPA, the Camera and Imaging Products Association, which tracks global camera and lens sales by major manufacturers, has released their report for June 2019, and it shows another significant drop in sales as compared to past years.

More specifically, the report shows that as compared to June of last year, camera and lens sales are down across the board by large amounts, with DSLRs dropping by 37% (in shipped units) and mirrorless cameras by 14%. Correspondingly, lens sales are down across the board as well. It is not particularly surprising news, as camera sales have been dropping for many years, and we have seen the point and shoot all but rendered extinct by smartphones, which are surely also cutting into the sales of some more advanced cameras, as many more casual shooters have opted for simply using their smartphones in situations where they might have purchased a lower-end DSLR a decade ago. While the lower sales certainly don't help the industry, I personally don't think they signal the death knell. I think it's likely that we'll eventually bottom out at a steady baseline, as advanced enthusiasts and professionals will always need more capable equipment.

You can read the full report here.

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Mike Kelley's picture

Pictures are perfectly good enough and people don't really see a need to upgrade, IMO.

Korey Napier's picture

There's likely a myriad of variables, but I do agree with that. I think we have reached a point with image quality where we see diminishing returns. Each new camera model offers very negligible differences over the previous model. From about 2000-2010, this wasn't the case as significant gains would be achieved as newer models came out (digital was still in its early stages after all).

Ed Kennedy's picture

I read on one photo forum that the Sony a6000 is an "old but usable" camera. It may not have the bells and whistles of the newer cameras in the a6xxx series but it is still a fine camera that allows you to take great pictures.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I still shoot with my Nikon D3 and like it even better than my D750. Most of my lenses were bought almost ten years ago. I reckon that my gear is for the next 5-10 years.

That's the case for many photographers, as long as it works why chuck it.

No need for more MP's or features, every half-decent camera would do the job if you know how to use it. And thanks to thousands of free tutorials, people learn how to use what they have better. In addition, since most photos will never be reproduced as hard copy, there is less need for better and newer cameras or lenses.

Cell phones cameras are getting so good it's amazing. I have been traveling with a cell phone camera for years and have a few large prints (up to 3 feet) of photos taken with a cell phone.

It's nice to read about new tech but as long as my gear works it will stay with me.

Tim Cray's picture

I definitely agree with you, Alex. I suppose it's folks like us that are 30+ that invest in serious camera equipment. Cell phone cameras are for the young pups out there that desire immediate gratification and Facebook, Instagram, etc. recognition from their followers.

Stuart Carver's picture

I’ll never substitute a camera for a phone, there is way more to it than just images, the feel and control are what makes it.

Having said that I have no real plans to upgrade my camera as it produces great shots (like the post above states). I guess the kit is just going to become more specialist in future.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

You do realize this article isn't about mirrorless replacing dslr, but about smartphone cameras causing a decline in all camera sales (both mirrorless and dslr)?

Stuart Carver's picture

Yeah but that wouldnt suit his agenda of getting a dig in about Mirrorless and how DSLR's have been so good for years, why replace them blah blah blah.

Stuart Carver's picture

Your reply literally makes no sense at all?

Stuart Carver's picture

I dont understand what you need me to say? who mentioned a mobile phone or not being able to see the difference between that and a camera?

You referenced not owning a mirrorless camera with some snide tone to your post and now you are talking about the difference between a phone and a camera.

please get your argument in check before you reply.

Edison Wrzosek's picture

And so not only do you hate Sony and mirrorless cameras, but you also buy craptastic Chinese phones, bravo...

Edison Wrzosek's picture

Since you're obviously on a tirade, let me just state my site link IS available, you just have to fire up those non-troll brain cells to figure out where it is...

And the fact that I try to take care about my works not being stolen, has suddenly become an attack vector against me, well then boo hoo, sorry to be as lame as you, that this is what you grasp at.

Your agenda on this site is crystal clear, and I don't need to defend myself against someone like you.

Edison Wrzosek's picture

And here I was going to complement you on your photos and the work you put into them, regardless of how much of a douche you act like, since photography is an art form that should be celebrated by all.

Instagram to me has become a bit of a cesspool that I have little interest in participating in, for the record, and I couldn't care less that I only have 9 followers, since I don't actively participate on the platform or advertise my account there.

And with that I bid you goodbye, and hope you have a rotten day, especially after acting like a total jerk.

Edison Wrzosek's picture

Still being a jerk off I see... A professional photographer is NOT determined based on how many likes on a photo you have on Instagram, how many followers you have on Instagram (both points null since I don't participate in the platform, as stated), what brand of gear you use (we already know you get a hard on from bashing Sony and anyone using their gear), or how many clients I have, which BTW you do not know so making, or even insinuating, such claims makes you look and sound like a complete tool.

Prime example, Joe Edelman, one of the best portrait photographers out there, uses Olympus as his go-to camera platform. What, you going to bash him now? Call him an amateur because he has a home-based studio or doesn't use a camera from the mighty Canon or Nikon and has gone with a toy m4/3 mirrorless camera??

Or Nick Page, a fantastic, professional, landscape photographer, uses Sony exclusively in his workflows, going to call him an amateur too?

If your Holland saying is true, then yours must be bursting out of your trousers because of how big an ass you are!

Your arrogance and hubris is astonishing... Again, I was going to complement your photography as it's an art form that should be celebrated, but that attitude of yours prevents me from being kind to you or your work in any shape or form. You turn photography into a sport, and you bash those around you, for something as simple as having different gear than you, or not having as many f'ing Instagram followers, who gives a F?

You might be a decent photographer, but you're a deplorable human being.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

Haha what a lulletje you are, as we say in Holland ;) Just over 1100 followers isn't necessarily something to boast about, and not everyone uses Instagram anyway.... And there are plenty of photographers using Sony or whatever brand for that matter (what happened to 'the camera is just a tool', or 'creativity and skill is more important than the camera'?), that have way more followers. No need to go bashing people man, especially over a post you didn't seem to grasp in the first place.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

You are shouting the exact same thing on how Canon will make Sony disappear so not sure how that is different. You were the one who brought 'mirrorless vs dslr' into this, whereas the post has nothing to do with it. I also for the life of me don't understand what the photography or business of Edison Wrzosek would have to do with this discussion. He didn't mention his or your business. But you apparently felt the need to start this d*ck-measuring competition. In your own words: 'Come one, man'.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

Aaah, in another topic... and that is relevant regarding this topic, how?

@Jan Kruize Your attitude wasn't great to begin with but now you have evolved into insulting just about everyone who doesn't agree with you. You will be be busy since more and more people see you for what you are. A frustrated and angry little man who has a huge chip on his shoulder. You have become "the Angry Photographer mk2". I wonder what happened to you. Why are you so rude?
Why can't you accept that things have changed and the brand you hate in a rather sick manner, has become bigger and bigger.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

You do realize Nikon and Canon have similar programs to the Sony Artisan (Canon's explores of light and Nikon ambassadors)? It's just a smart move by a brand to sponsor successful photographers that use your brand. Do a Google search and you'll find a lot of pro's who use Sony. Or Nikon. Or Canon. You seem to only want to stick to your little bubble with the one story you heard from one person on one event, in The Netherlands of all places. Come on, Jantje

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