Your Sony A7/A7R Might Light Leak & How You Can Fix It

Your Sony A7/A7R Might Light Leak & How You Can Fix It

The Sony A7 and A7R were two of the most important cameras released in 2013. They pack a full-frame sensor into a compact mirrorless body with high resolutions of 24 and 36 MP respectively. We reviewed the Sony A7R here. While the A7(R) is an amazing camera (and the first of its kind), recently there have been reports of light leaks. Here's a quick fix via übergizmo.

Photographer Ferrell McCollough discovered that the light leak can be stifled by simply putting an elastic hairband over the area where the lens mounts. If this problem is pervasive for A7(R) owners it is likely that Sony will make an effort to fix the issue, we hope they will do a better job than Nikon did with the D600.


One way you can test your A7(R) for light leaks is by capping the lens, setting a long shutter speed and/or high ISO, and shining a flashlight around the base of the lens while the camera is exposing.

Have any of you experienced light leak on your Sony A7 or A7R? It was not apparent on the A7R that was reviewed by Fstoppers.

[Via übergizmo]

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Spy Black's picture

Pretty amazing that in this day and age camera manufacturers can still botch this up. Didn't Canon and/or Nikon have a similar problem a while back?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Canon, 5m mIII? Leak from the top lcd screen.


Mitchell Sargent's picture

I tested this with my A7R and it's only @ the highest ISOs (which are unusable anyway)...does not appear at normal ISO's, even at super long exposures; so my girlfriend can have her hair band back!