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Abandoned Pool

Hello all, I come back regularly to this place and I am always seized by the power of the lines and the symbol of...
Last: April 10, 2020

Abandoned Grain Elevator

Grain Elevators used to be the center of farming communities. This is one in Vickeryville, MI, which is close to where...

Returning to earth {studebaker}

This farm has many old wrecks decaying returning back to the earth. I love old abandoned things especially when nature...

Warehouse skylight and wiring

This is the same shot processed two ways. I'm not sure which one I prefer and wanted to hear some other opinions.
Last: October 29, 2019

Cars and house in the woods

From late this afternoon in the woods not far from home in Belleview. Just as I was setting up my tripod, the owner of...
Last: June 28, 2019

URBEX and Abandoned Photography

Hello everyone! I wasn’t able to find a group that focused on urban exploration (URBEX) so I created one. I know there...
Last: June 28, 2019

Stone house Caddy

In Woodbury, CT there is a stone house that was abandoned while still under construction. In an underground garage I...

Death Row Cells

Shot of the death row prison cells at Eastern State Penitentiary.
Last: June 22, 2019