Light Painting...Darth Vadar Style

Here's a pic my wife & I did recently using a lightsabre... aka plastic tube. What do you think?

Light Painting Tools / Brushes

I started 2022 experimenting with various light painting tools. In this photo, I used a rectangle shape plexiglass tool...

Light Painting

Anyone into light paiting with tubes?

Lost Highway

I've been doing light painting and astrophotography for a while, but this was one of my most earnest attempts at...

Christmas Lights

I just received my light painting brushes filters and collapsible sword so of course I needed to test them out! This...

Light Painting with Tubes

My wife & I discovered light painting with tubes back in September of this year (2019). We were inspired by the...

Winter Vanlife (my house in the snow)

One of my personal favorite photos of mine, shot on just a Canon G7xii RAW and edited in Lightroom. This was from my...

Ghost in the Cell

This was a night shoot (workshop) taken in a deserted mental hospital. The use of light painting helped to create this...

Light-painted Chevrolet Impala

Shot on a Nikon D800 with a 17-35mm f/2.8 and light-painted with a Litepanels Astra LED panel with around 8-16...

Light painting first attempt

I was watching a tuto and i tried it with a packshot of my brand New g9

Transformation: Matter to Light

taken during night shift at an algae factory in Southern Israel

Phantom Effect

So going along with my profile photo, I like using the Phantom effect when light painting. My roommate and I got...

Obsidian Night

Lightpainting with my Phantom 4 PRO, Nikon D800 and two LumeCubes. Shot @ Fagersta trainstation Sweden infront of an...

USA Painted by All-American Flames

This photo was taken right before an astrophotography trip using a Bic lighter as the means of painting. Metadata below...

This spinning chaos is under control.

This photo was taken in 2014. I sat in the snow at -4 degrees for an hour to take this star trail while the animals in...


Lightpainting during late hours. Tried to make these huts intresting with lights.

What´s on Tonight?

I found this specimen of rust in the forest, hidden in nowhere. The atmosphere was spooky with these lush trees in the...

My supercar

Thank for the tutorial i found here on fs i was able to capture my smart for two at its best. I also assembled a...

Moon Boy


Light painting on Mazda 3

Compose 3 difference shoot