Phantom Effect

So going along with my profile photo, I like using the Phantom effect when light painting. My roommate and I got creative a few years ago and decided to try it with clothing and this is the result. Have you guys tried the phantom effect? And how successful were you?

This spinning chaos is under control.

This photo was taken in 2014.
I sat in the snow at -4 degrees for an hour to take this star trail while the animals in the woods kept a watchful eye on my activity.
I ended up walking inside the deserted house to lit the rooms with a flashlight.
When I got home, I was surprised by the northern lights on the horizon.

What´s on Tonight?

I found this specimen of rust in the forest, hidden in nowhere.
The atmosphere was spooky with these lush trees in the background and I found the bus to be beautiful with light painting.

When I was to photograph it a year later, I received information that it had been stolen. We found it on Tradera (Swedish equivalent of ebay)...

My supercar

Thank for the tutorial i found here on fs i was able to capture my smart for two at its best. I also assembled a multicolore led wand for spectacular effects. Enjoy my images.

First time light painting

After more than 25 years in photoj field. I'm moving into the commercial side of photography and having to learn a whole new set of skill. This is my first attempt at light painting. Would love some feed back. Here is a before and after of a practice building.

Befores and afters

Light painting is a fascinating process. Even more so when the 'before' image is shown as the eye sees it.

Here are a few befores and afters.

These were all made with LED flashlights.