Admin Building B&W

My use of Ansel Adams' tones on one of my favorite buildings to shoot. Let me know what you think. I'm taking a break...
Last: June 19, 2018


Dance in harmony

Dual Tarmacs

Orlando International Airport

Vegas WonderGloss Workshop

Sample from teaching lighting...
Last: June 16, 2018

simple or make sense?

any suggestion about the idea, composition and color?
Last: June 16, 2018

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait! Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm F/1.2, F/14, 1/200s, iso 100, 2 Lights setup, Beauty dish with grid, backlight...

Looking for Critique :)

Hi. I took this picture of a beetle which landed on my glass whilst I doing some macro photography. I tried to go for a...
Last: June 15, 2018

Black and white portrait of my mother in law

The woman is a Saint. She is disabled but spent 3 months putting her life on hold to take care of us when our daughter...
Last: June 14, 2018

French elegance.

Canon 6D natural lighting at my studio
Last: June 14, 2018
Last: June 14, 2018

The art of vision

Lens used: 18-55mm F/4 ISO: 100


Lens used: 50mm F/2 ISO: 100

Why I love New Orleans!!

For a street photographer, it's hard to argue that there's a better city than New Orleans. Not only is it a target rich...


Canon EOS M 28-135MM lens
Last: June 5, 2018

my first photo taken with softbox

i am beginner with portraits, so I want to know is this good enough , should i keep trying or should i return with...
Last: June 5, 2018

Dreaded Faux-Crop Out of Frame (testing uploading 1st time on site)

Here is an annoying test to see how the file held up through the internet tango. Long clue how small and...

Read stop

Canon EOS M 28-135 Stopping for a quick read.