Streets Of Madrid

I noticed this little spot while wandering around in Madrid. Please feel free to critique.

L Train in Chicago ....Night Scene with rain .

I just couldn't delete this photo in B/W please enjoy .

Uncorked Bottle of Wine

This one is the lowest liked/rated image and I wonder how can I improve, at the same time I feel nothing much to alter...

Stars Align

Looking for comments and critiques! New to photography and trying to build a nice portfolio to apply for film schools...

Under the Board

Critique please.


Hello all - I'm finding myself in a creative slump. Looking for some input on this image. Constructive criticism is...

Contrast and Structure

This is of my last trip to Germany. I shot this of my wife as we were walking up to Sooneck Castle. I brought the...

Softer bridge troll

Stopped at a stop light and noticed a new type of bridge troll Canon EOS M 18-55mm lens


Big hair day Canon EOS M

Long Rain

After a rain storm the best time to be out Canon M 18-55mm lens

A long day

After a long day at work the shadow tells it all Canon EOS M 28-105mm lens

Strange but interesting

What looks like some type of small lamp chained to a pole Canon EOS M 28-105 mm lens

The Family

Jus a family out for a stroll Canon EOS M 28-105mm lens

Shape and form

Taken from the back of a moving cab 2 Images that I almost missed.

"Not Quite A Fist"

This is part of a project I am doing on "Hands." This particular image is the hand of a construction worker, who could...

Feedback on Photo - Reflecting at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Hi all. I shot this in January 2017 and just did some edits. I am looking for a some feedback. I wanted to convey the...

Portrait of Adam

This is a portrait of my friend I shot Recently

Almost Black and White

First post in this group. I am enjoying this new hobby of mine and I hope to try and make a couple dollars off of it...

Constructive critique

Exif - nikon D5500 18mm f8 ISO100 30sec Any idea or suggestion about these image, whether I could have improved the...

Raleigh NC Natural Sciences Black and White

Mid day with the Sony a7r on the way into the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences.