Butterfly and Clementines

I’ve been forced to stay indoors due to terrible weather and play with my new camera but it gave me a chance to explore with creating a still life. I think I’m hooked! I just used some clementines and a preserved butterfly and made a makeshift backdrop out of an old Halloween cloak.

Canon M50, EF-S 17-55mm
ISO: 100
F 2.8...

Composition and lighting

I know this group isn't very active. Maybe we can change that and inspire folks to post in this genre more often. Here is am image I made a few days ago of some peppers--there is a story behind them. I can post the link to my Instagram if you care to know it but suffice to say it was an image that at the time symbolized to me partnership and...

Still life might be a carved knick nack.

Something, that sets on a book case in the corner, and I owned this since the early 80's. Carved cork of a house and tree, with a lake and tree in a nine inch cube of glass. What is really neat is the carved storks in the lake. So I will share and do enjoy........

Looking for feedback

Hey there all my name is Colter Haldane and I am super new to photography and looking for constructive critiques on this photo any and all feedback helps me out. Thank you :D

Still life with two flash units

Hi all, this was more of a learning exercise than anything. I used a bare speedlight against the white background and another speedlight with a beauty dish as the main light. Please could I have a critique and your thoughts? Many thanks.

Still life photography

I always just photographed people and pets...untill I met Sandra Rossouw on Redbubble...she is an artist of still life and a inspiration and Muse! Capital letter "Muse" she does magic and inspires you to do better and better! If you look at her art you will know what I mean...
Please let me see what you can do...I want to be inspired!!!