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Five Weird Filmmaking Camera Hacks You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

The internet is awash with camera hacks, and most of them end up being pretty disappointing, often involving a glass ball, some fairy lights, or a cracked mirror. By contrast, this is a collection of five ingenious methods that not only offer shortcuts to getting some cinematic footage, but will hopefully trigger some inspiration.

Experienced filmmaker Dan Mace has worked on a wide variety of projects across a huge range of budgets and has often had to come up with innovative means of getting the most for his money. Presentation here is top-notch, and even if you don’t use any of them directly, they might get the gray matter working the next time you’re working on a super-tight budget and need to pull something spectacular out of the bag.

One of my favorites is the first crappy rig that Mace tests out, probably something that would have benefited from the newly released GoPro Max. You wouldn’t be able to mix in any slow-motion footage, but you’d have the significant advantage of not having to worry about which way the camera is pointing, with the 360 capture giving you the ability to choose your viewing angle once the footage has been captured.

What are your favorite crappy rigs? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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T Van's picture

Ummm no to every one of those.

Johnny Rico's picture

Stopped at the ladder one, this guy is an idiot.

Curtis Randall's picture

I agree

Marian Marian's picture

You must be americans, you use hard hats and impact glasses just to nail a board.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

You must come to Russia; we use our hard heads and vodka bottles just to nail a board.

Robb Armstrong's picture


Robb Armstrong's picture

You're welcome ;D

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Jim Cutler's picture

Hahahaha very Dan. Well, they all work :) Fun video.

mark wilkins's picture

I stop once the title says Hack.

ronald hamilton's picture

Great selection. I've seen the fishtank used before in nature documentary and a stream bed. Thought it was genius idea. That was 1999... Crew used it because they couldn't afford underwater housing

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Warning: Content starts at 1:21

davidlovephotog's picture

Fish tank works fine if you are in the water to control it. Also helps to have a flip screen to see the lcd to focus.

mark elliot's picture

The opening line is appropriate.(Once again)The internet is awash with camera hacks, and most of them end up being pretty disappointing..