How to Shoot Suspended Objects with Fishing Line

Shooting suspended objects in your images can be done a few different ways, from the use of Photoshop to the simple and effective use of wire or fishing line. My first instinct would be to grab clear fishing line. Not having done any work with fishing line in suspending objects, I would not even have thought about getting brown or even a greenish tint line to use in the set, as Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens packs in his fishing line kit box for various projects and scenes. In this video, he shares all his tips on this approach, including how he decides to use a certain color based on the background.

Also included in Morgan's kit are various other tools you might need such as scissors, different types of glue, a compressed air can, and even a safety pin with a wooden clothespin to attach to articles of clothing to achieve the desire flow in a portrait. You could have the subject pick the piece of clothing and drop it or even have an assistant grab, drop, and proceed to move out of frame instead, but using the fishing line with a clothespin and safety pin might yield better results in fewer attempts in the shot.

When it comes to fishing lines, they come in various strengths. In the video, Morgan is using four four-pound test fishing line to suspend the mug. It’s thinner than the heavier lines are and is rated to withstand four pounds of pressure on the line. Depending on your project, what will be suspended and how many points it will be held by should determine the strength of your line.

With bigger objects or people, I would use Photoshop with multiple images merged into one. For smaller objects and food — especially for the exploded views — I would suggest using fishing line or even wire to hold up your subject.

What have you used in your projects? Do you have a different recommendation? Let us know below and show off some of your examples.

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Cool, I guess my next camera will be fishing line. 🙃 Is there an editor in the house!