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This Cameraman Does a Great Job of Keeping It Together Despite Way Too Much Horsing Around

It's hard enough being a cameraperson on set, but it's even harder when someone is being unprofessional and won't stop horsing around. This cameraman did a remarkable job holding it together despite someone's attempt to gallop into the spotlight.

The incident happened during the filming of an episode of "Born to Explore with Richard Wiese," when Cameraman Greg Harriott had to try to do his job while fending off Chunchun, a gelding who could not rein in his affection for him. Chunchun began subtly, but soon, his gentle nuzzles progressed to unbridled love nibbles. To his credit, Harriott did an amazing job of continuing to film despite being saddled with the overly affectionate horse. It was clear his mane concern was getting the footage he came for and not withering in the face of the challenge presented by the horse jockeying for his attention. He remained impressively stable throughout, kindly acknowledging the affections of his new neigh-bor, even seeming to get a kick out of the whole experience. In my humble opinion, the show's producers should pony up and give Harriott a raise for his excellent work. Surely, after seeing this behind the scenes video, they won't be able to hold back on a promotion furlong. 

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Deleted Account's picture

Incredible! Thanks for sharing. Helped my day too.

Deleted Account's picture

"mane concern" and all the other wonderful puns Alex! Great work. Hee Haw. Perhaps I just made an ass of myself.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

I had seen it several times over the past years. Just imagine you are seriously hard at work and a horse is trying to bite you ear. Must wreak havoc on your concentration.