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Deke's Techniques Shares a Photoshop Workflow... For Version 1.0

Every year the photo community is besieged by April Fool’s Day jokes. This year's batch included a fake Canon 1D-W, a 15-foot tripod, and BorrowLenses adding a “rent an intern” option. This workflow serves as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of just how far our editing software has come since its release in February, 1990. Photoshop 1.0 was Mac-exclusive, only allowed one "undo", and even pre-dates the .jpg file.

Didn't get enough reminiscing? Below are some graphics showing the evolution of every photographer's favorite program over the years.

This is a comparison of the splash screens via Bring Your Own Laptop.


This shows the evolution of the Photoshop toolbars via Agonistica.


Thanks to the guys at OTP (that's On Taking Pictures, an amazing photo podcast) for sharing these today on the program.

[Via OTP & Deke's Techniques]

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Spy Black's picture

While some tools were added, the toolbar surprisingly hasn't changed much. I started with version 2.51, just before the advent of layers in version 3.

Peter House's picture

This was fantastic. HAHA.

Carlos Humberto Stein's picture

Hahaha very useful

Shannon Wimberly's picture

does anyone remember Aldus Digital Darkroom? I wonder if Adobe bought the rights to that and made photoshop.

Spy Black's picture

Well, they bought Aldus, right? It was, I believe, their first acquisition on the road to monopoly...