Filmmaker Blows Our Minds and Our Faces with Epic Slow-Mo Video

You may remember filmmaker Scott Winn from his awesome "Fruit Ninja in Real Life" video from a few years back, or from last year's undeniably catchy "Stormtrooper Twerk." Well he's back with something he captions "the worst family BBQ ever."

I am an absolute glutton for slow-mo; when it's done well it's awesome, and when it's done terribly, it's a whole different kind of awesome. Winn's most recent video is that first kind of awesome.

I'm a big fan of Winn's work. He combines solid filmmaking chops with very playful ideas and his short films and videos always manage to put a smile on my face. This particular video made me want to put a leaf blower in my face, which is more or less the same thing. I've seen lots of videos showing how weird our faces look when blasted with air so that's nothing new, but I enjoyed the small touches in this particular video. The scoop of ice cream, the water from the girl's bottle, the old dude's beard. It's little things like this that help elevate a video from "average" to "entertaining".

I don't know how the rest of you feel about slow motion, but I love it. Be as gratuitous with it as possible I say! Do me a favor and link some of your favorite (awesome or terrible) slow-mo videos in the comments for me to check out. Seriously, I can't get enough.

[via Gizmodo]

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Sweetness, thanks Dani!

so cool to be able to see the BTS!

Reminds me of Olle Nordell's "Blow Me" series.

Yeah! I knew that I had seen photo series like this before.

I shot a band portrait with a similar idea in mind last year :)

Good Stuff!

Looks great! :)

Did this few years and results traveled around the world:)

Including Fstoppers:

Aaaah I knew I had seen this on here before!