The Five Types of Photographers That Drive Everyone Crazy

Photography is full of a bunch of strong personalities, and with those personalities come all sorts of ahem, interesting scenarios and interactions. This hilarious video pokes fun at all of the most annoying types of photographers.

Coming to you from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, this fun video will make you laugh at its depictions of common types of photographers. I'll be the first to admit that for a long time (and still to a degree), I was the third type (the gear nerd). I'm the sort of person who is terrified by "what if" questions, and as a result, my gear bag never drops below 40 lbs. or so, because what if while shooting that landscape I bump into one of my favorite celebrities and they want to do a quick portrait session? Better take the 85mm. And probably a monolight and beauty dish just in case. And maybe a reflector to soften up those shadows. I should probably take the 135mm too just so I have some options. I've gotten a little better about this, but my friends know I'm still a notorious overpacker. Anyway, give the video above a watch for their hilarious takes on all our favorite types of photographers. 

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Rob Davis's picture

All photographer/social media personalities except Thomas Heaton, the Camera Store Guys and Ted Forbes (but sometimes them too).

Deleted Account's picture

Camera Store Guys! UGH!

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Jonathan Brady's picture

It's an oldie but a goodie

Simon Patterson's picture

This comedy gold is always worth another run, I reckon.

Dean Waite's picture

"...about 12 minutes to pack this up" 😄

Steve Bryant's picture

I'll admit it - I'm AP Type 3B.
Love the gear, take the gear - only very, very rarely use most of it, but like having "just incase....." #BoyScout #BePrepared
Also annoy the hell outa the wife, who knows a hellova lot more about photography than I do, with all my "wouldn't it be good if you did this honey?" - but wouldn't comment on anyone else's work..... :)

Tony Northrup's picture

That's because we have no idea what we're doing.

Simon Patterson's picture

Suddenly you looked a natural when the very final scene came on, though, Tony! Geez that had me in stitches.

mlittle's picture

Not likely.

Doug Stringham's picture

It was all great... and I think I've met all 5 of these.