How to Make Yourself Look Really Good in Photos

It's not easy taking photos of yourself, but it's a really great way to connect with people and show them who you are. So when someone who has over 500,000 online followers tells you her secrets to looking great in selfies, it's a great opportunity to learn. 

When I first started trying to build my profile online, I never posted any photos of myself. I was too embarrassed; too self-conscious; too afraid of comments people might make; and too absorbed in how I looked. But it soon became apparent to me that almost all the really successful photographers and artists I followed were very open in showing themselves and their lives to followers.

I soon realized that they did it to connect with people. I followed them because I felt like I knew them and they were personable and I liked getting insights into their lives and their thought processes behind their work. It wasn't just their work that I admired, it was them as people too. Think about all the people you closely follow; I bet they are open with themselves too, right?

But there are ways to make yourself look good in photos. And there are some trade secrets that the top people out there follow religiously. Sorelle Amore has almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. In this video she shares eight secrets she uses to make herself look really good in selfies. And the great thing is, the tips are applicable to anyone.

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Didn’t you guys share this same video yesterday? Edit oh it was a different one. Lol plus another from mango. Sorelle sponsored by you guys?

haha definitely not sponsored as far as I know. I think she may be going through one of those creatively fruitful patches where she's producing some really good videos back to back to back. She's so energetic and people really connect with her so I think that's why she gets a lot of shares. Plus she has good content :)

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Can’t argue that. Full time creators I expect some quality contents.

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I just want better photos of me so I can make a bumble. I wanna look tough though. I have this black jean jacket in my closet that I like wearing with my grayish levi shirt.

Yeah...edgy. Girls like edgy.

What’s a bumble?

To look good on photos you hire a good photographer, as Sorelle does.

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Or (had you watched the video), you could use your phone as a remote for your camera, as Sorelle does.

When you watch her previous videos and see series of photos, there are camera movements which look like caused by human hands...

I’m sure she’s not travelling alone *all* the time, but I’m pretty sure she’s not travelling with a full time photographer either. Take it for what you will, but when she has over half a million subscribers, she must be doing something right that people like and value.

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How to look great in selfies? Umm I’ll just pass.

Honestly, that was my first reaction too. But then I thought “hang on, if I’m going to take some photos of myself to engage with followers and show them who I am, I may as well try and look my best...”

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I'm with you, in that I have absolutely no interest in myself as a photographic subject; however, people like that action.

Yeah I think you have to find a space where you’re comfortable showing glimpses if yourself and your life. I will never in a million years be shooting “blue steel” eyes down the lens, but I’m happy to include myself in pictures with my daughter. She’s far more photogenic than I am so it’s a way for me to be in photos without actually being the focus most of the time!