[Funny] Photographer MEME: What People Really Think I Do

[Funny] Photographer MEME:  What People Really Think I Do

Internet MEMEs are a common occurance throughout most of our social media outlets. Today my Facebook feed has been full of this funny MEME which tries to portray how photographers are seen through the eyes of their friends, society, and their clients. I've posted a few of these What People Think Photographers Do MEMEs to help lighten up your week. Feel free to create your own representation of what your friends and family think of your photography work and post them in the comments. I get the feeling we all spend too much time in Photoshop anyways!

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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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These are great!

Patrick that 2nd picture of you is funny!

This is so perfect. Behind the computer is what it's become these days. 

they should have one for event photographers :)

Thank you for featuring me, Patrick! If you would please link back my meme (#1) to http://on.fb.me/AryhLu I would very much appreciate it! Thanks again!

Digging the first one with the monkey... I can attest to that.

Last pic is Win!

Come on now... nobody's friends think they take pictures of hot models. 

Last one for me!!!
make my day!

love the last one :) 

they are great, though there is a bit too much fixation with ending up on a corner in fron tof a computer

You can find a lot more, vote and add your favorite here : http://www.what-people-think-i-do.com/ !

I like how the first one ends up on someone using Photoshop 6.0 and how the last one ends up with a wedding photographer editing his images on.... ummmmm... Avid Media Composer? Adobe Premiere? 

Well shoot. I knew I was doing something wrong...

Thank you! I needed a laugh. There are times, however, that I wish I was living up to "what society thinks I do"  LOL

its very great

So very, very, very, very, very, VERY true!

As a photographer's wife, I know this to be oh so true.  I think my husband spends more time on the computer than any living person LOL


lightroom and photoshop are great tools but damn is it such a time sink.

such a cool post of photographers and what they do!