The GoPro Was Invented To Capture This Fish Biting A Man's Nipple

The GoPro Hero 4 is a Marvel of human engineering. Waterproof, ultra wide angle, and incredible 4k footage all built into an amazingly small package. I would hate to live in a world without the GoPro; we would be without this amazing footage of a fish jumping out of the water just to bite some guys nipple. 

In other "animal attack" viral video news, have you seen the eagle purposefully attacking a drone? Apparently the eagle survived the attack unharmed but the drone suffered some damage. Oh what a time we live in. 



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Justin Haugen's picture

I think I should just stop watching videos today. That was all I needed to see lol. That was too funny

There are several fantastic and entertaining montages on YouTube featuring a variety of animals taking down drones. I hate when people harass the animals with drones so I find this hilarious when nature strikes back, literally.

ahaha! btw there are even cheaper alternatives for the beginners ( does not make sense to spend $300 just to try if you are into action video recording or not.) There are action cameras that below $100 but not worse, such as SJCAM SJ5000 for example. Most cheap alternatives ( with VERY good quality) you can find here and it will help you with your choice of your first action camera