Hilarious Rare Bird Tries To Mate With Photographer In Wild

While shooting a rare Kakapo parrot in New Zealand, Mark Carwardine got more participation from the bird than he expected. In this 2-minute video that is sure to make you smile Carwardine is apparently mistaken for an attractive mate. So what do you think, should photographers play in active role in the conservation and breeding of rare animals in the wild?

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Wow, look at him GO!

Jaron Schneider's picture

This is so amazing hahaha


Did he say Homo Caca-pants?

Jeremy Clarkson would never let this happen to him (James May on the other hand...)

Rebecca Britt's picture

Only that's not James May. That's Stephen Fry! Know your Englishmen! LOL.

All Englishmen look alike to me ;-)

the guy on the right look more funny then the damn bird....

old but funny video.