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Hilarious Video Imagines Photographers Driven to Therapy by Terrible Clients

As photographers, we have all dealt with our share of problem clients and situations; it is something that just comes with the territory. This hilarious video imagines what a group therapy session would be like for photographers needing to vent about those clients and situations that drive us crazy.

Coming to you from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, this fun video imagines a group therapy session for photographers dealing with all sorts of problem clients. We have all dealt with such clients or situations before. Personally, the one I get the most often is being asked to bring my camera with me to events. I am actually happy to bring my camera along most of the time, as I do not like to miss capturing important moments or a landscape I happen upon, but I also know that when I hear those infamous, deceptively casual words, I am probably becoming an impromptu events photographer more so than a simple attendee. Alas, I have had to learn to be better at setting boundaries so I can actually enjoy events I attend. Check out the video above for a good laugh or two, and feel free to share your story in the comments! 

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Will watch the video after they apologize to photographer Steve McCurry.

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I mean he's a Joke either way

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It was nice to see these two again. When i began DSLR photography in 2015 i was saving up for my Nikon and really excited about switching from Point & Shoot to DSLR. I wanted to be able to better understand what my Nikon could do and spent time watching videos and reading online, Tony & Chelsea's videos helped a lot with teaching me the basics of RAW processing.