Super Slo-Mo Photo Booth Fun by Bruton Stroube

Throw a party, toss in 11 kegs of beer and a photo booth with a Phantom Miro shooting at 1500fps and what do you get? The guys over at Bruton Stroube found out and I have got to say I can't wait to be part of one of these events. I could not stop smiling while watching the video and all the fun setups they put together. I imagine being there must have been an unforgettable night. Then again with 11 kegs of beer maybe no one actually would have remembered what happened if it were not for the video evidence.

The Super Slo-Mo booth was put together as part of an open house that Bruton Stroube hosted during the St. Louis Egoist's Kegs with Legs. "We wanted to take the opportunity to make this into something memorable, so we brought in a Phantom Miro and let folks run wild with it."

For those unfamiliar with Bruton Stroube - they are a creative team of about 25 people based out of St. Louis with an amazing portfolio of imagery (both still and motion) produced for their clients. As they put it, they are "Crafters of imagery for advertising." From the looks of the video it is obvious these guys know how to have a good time and would be a blast to work with. Thanks for sharing this video Bruton Stroube.

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Jason Vinson's picture

so awesome!!!

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love it!!!

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That's just Bonkers.

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So want to do this!

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So fAwesome! yes that's my word! fAWESOME!!!!!