Google Image Search Helps Find Stolen Photos and Lying Girlfriends

Google Image Search Helps Find Stolen Photos and Lying Girlfriends

Noam Galai recently wrote an article showing us how to use reverse image searching like Google Images and TinEye to see where your images are being used online. Today I used reverse image searching to prove that my ex-girlfriend is a liar.

Several years ago my girlfriend at the time mailed me a painting.  It was packaged extremely well, a box inside a box. She wrote a note saying she painted it for me and she had signed it. Soon thereafter we broke up and the painting ended up under my dresser. Over the past few years I've moved two times, and each time I found the painting but I couldn't bring my self to throw it away. It was always my intention to mail it back to her rather than destroy it. She had obviously put a lot work into it and I actually thought it was really well done.

Today I noticed it under my dresser and I decided to pull it out. Something about the painting just didn't seem right. Maybe it was the subject matter, the painting technique, or the canvas it was on. Something about this "original artwork" didn't seem so original.

After staring at it an idea popped in my head... Reverse Image Search. I snapped a picture with my cellphone and uploaded it to Google. The results were shocking. My ex-girlfriend had signed a crappy print from Marshalls and I had been lugging it around for years out of respect for her and "her artwork." I always knew she was a liar but this was a new low.

All the Fstoppers' writers and I had a good laugh once this was discovered and they suggested I share the story with all of you. I guess the moral of the story is that Google really does know it all. I just wish I had thought to look this up sooner.

The "Original Art"

alexandra gianacakes
Google Image Search Results

alexandra gianacakes3
Where you can buy the same "Original Art"
alexandra gianacakes2


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Jesse Rogers's picture

$149? That's an expensive lie.

Lee Morris's picture

I was thinking that too. I highly doubt it cost that much at Marshalls

Douglas Sonders's picture

i love this post hahahaha and im still laughing from before when you brought this up

Zach Sutton's picture

I'm so glad you decided to post this....So good

What a buttface! Good detective work :P

Thomas Lawn's picture

I guess Jerrit and I share a weakness for girls "a little left of normal" then, eh?

Trevor Dayley's picture

This is hilarious!

Christopher Mims's picture

Hilarious. Too bad she took the bar code off otherwise you could get the $29.95 back from Marshals. The readers should decide what to do with the "original art". Dart board, burn, sell on ebay for charity, shred it and mail it back, etc.

SPG _'s picture

Send it to her current boyfriend with a printout of this story.

JP Zajackowski's picture

I wish there was a reverse search on crappy girlfriends... I too have had my fair share of less than genuine girlfriends. Next date I go on I'll snap a picture of her face and TinEye it. Ha!

Nic Cage's Hair's picture

She spent $150 on you for that- was she that bad? I think i'd feel worse if she only spent $10 for it.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I have a feeling she just picked it up at a cheap home goods store. But maybe she did drop the cash.

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

Thought the same. Better to receive a $150-lie than a $10-lie LOL

Sara Long's picture


Tor Ivan Boine's picture


Brian McCarthy's picture

Crying laughing...

Brandon Wolf Halley's picture

Good riddance.

Christopher Mims's picture

Haha, this had to be Alexandra Gianacakes man, had to. ahhh Alex.... She got you good man.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Jerrit, this....this may be my favorite article of all time.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks man!