Ex-Apple Creative Director and Lifestyle Photographer Gives Inspirational Tips

In this new episode of Adorama’s “Through the Lens” web series, lifestyle photographer and one-time creative director for Apple, Michael O’Neal, is featured. In the brief five-minute video O’Neal recalls his motivation for moving on from a coveted job at Apple and going out on his own to work for himself. He reveals what draws him to photography, inspirations for his sought after talents, and where he’s heading next.

Having a deep background in graphic design, O’Neal’s work comes across uncluttered and holds strong value in composition and the emotional connection. In the video, he describes his workflow for photography as related to a design problem and then figuring out the best way to solve that problem. It’s a unique perspective that has resulted in a solid portfolio with range.

On the social media side of photography, O’Neal encourages people to “put their head down and post pictures because they care about the image not because it’s going to do well.” I think he makes a fair point, that you shouldn’t have to hide the images that you yourself enjoyed creating only because the feedback might not be as strong for the image category. Social media numbers mean to world to some people, but in competing for likes you shouldn’t lose who you are to satisfy the judgment of others. Of course, O’Neal then follows up with the reality check “easier said than done.”

You can check out more of O’Neal’s work on his website or follow him on Instagram.

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Thats some inspirational stuff. Good post Ryan.

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Best Inspiration for a long time!

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Great video. Inspirational & motivational.

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A video worth sharing, nice article mate..

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Nice! Love the Mark III, can't wait for the IV!!! or X :)

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great stuff.