A Finesse With Pixels: Framed Interviews High-End Retoucher, Pratik Naik

Polishing your photos for the world to see is an important step in a photographer's workflow. Retouching can both be a photographer's favorite step in the process or can cause a massive headache. Framed Network has interviewed Fstoppers' very own, Pratik Naik, for their web series of artistic professionals. His work has graced the pages of ELLE, Maxim, Vouge and Marie Claire upon others. Pratik was kind enough not to just give an interview with Framed, but also give the audience a small look into his daily routine of retouching. 

He walks you through prepping the model (if you're the one shooting), points on make-up and hair, cleaning up the photo, dodging and burning, curves adjustments, selective color, black and white photo conversion... and much, much more. This interview is a great introduction to high-end beauty retouching if you have considered taking the task upon yourself. It is also a great intro into how some of his one-on-one classes might be like. That's right folks, Pratik, does offer one-on-one training for those serious about wanting to learn more about this craft. We here at Fstoppers are very proud of Pratik and of all of his accomplishments. We wish you a huge congratulations for being featured.

If you're interested in taking a personal class with Pratik you can contact him at: www.retouchingclasses.com

You can view his work at his website: www.solsticeretouch.com/

If you would like more information about Pratik and his work with Fstoppers please visit: here.


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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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great info but why is the lady so self conscious through the whole interview?

Thank you so much Rebecca for posting this! I'm so honored to be featured on Fstoppers! Thank you to everyone who watched the video, I really appreciate your time!

Pratik, are you like me, walking around and looking at people in terms of "hmmm, a little bit of liquify here, a touch of clone there..."  :-)  

Great video, thanks for sharing!

Haha Michael that is funny! In the beginning I definitely am guilty of doing that, but now not much anymore. I do, however, pay loads of attention to light, color, and patterns on a macro level everywhere I go in various settings. But I think everyone can understand that one!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for sharing Pratik. Do you do any lessons on color grading your photos for fashion? 

Thanks for watching! That would be a great writeup to do, from my viewpoint and my colleagues. I will keep that in mind for future articles as well!


Pratik, you da man!

It's great to witness kind and genuine personalities in the photography business. Thank you for what you've shared here.

Nicholas that is really kind of you, that means a lot, thank you so much!

Really good and interesting interview. The thing I dont get is why this woman always acts as if everything that people tell her Is a shocker... Curves mask WOOOOOOOW, Selective color, OMG!.. just dont get it

I thought the interviewer did very well - didn't see anything dramatic in her delivery.

I am amazed at how i use the EXACT same techniques, having learned by myself via a lot of experimentation.  I see i've been getting it right! Thanks for this video.

Indeed Carlos! More than the techniques, it's all about understanding under what circumstances, and to what degree, they must be used. Communicating that state of mind, and execution, and the psychology behind the process, is more important than the tools. I am glad that helped!

What great lengths you have come. I am so happy for you and your success!

You are too kind friend, it's inspired by great friends like you to keep working harder!

Great Interview. So true that no one wants to share about retouching. Ive been learning bits and pieces and I feel like you are connecting everything for me...so thank you! I think i am going to take the 2 days with you! :] Will contact u soon! 

Thank you Pavithra! I really look forward to it!

Excellent video and very clear explanation. Where are you based Pratik? I am asking this to get an idea about the training costs as mentioned on your website(two full days plus the cost of flight and lodging), thanks.

Thank you, I appreciate that! Send me an e-mail (pratik@solsticeretouch.com) and I can send you all my details in private). 

Excellent information! The interviewer cute but annoying with her constant comments but I take it this is her first interview. Other than that I learned a lot!

Her mindless commentary is really obnoxious.