Greg Heisler on How to Relate to Subjects

PDNonline released a video interview in which master portrait photographer, Greg Heisler, explains an incredibly vital piece of the portraiture puzzle. In many ways I believe that relating to your subject can be one of the most difficult things to do on a set. It certainly was when I first started out. Many of you were in similar positions as well I'd bet. When I first started in photography I was so bad at interacting with my subject that I had to have someone else on set to do it for me. That's why when Heisler says in this video that he was pretty much forced out of his shell...well, that resonated pretty deeply with how I grew as well. No, it's not a tremendously long video but I would challenge you to find two minutes of attentiveness that are more important to your growth as a portrait photographer.

Via ISO1200

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Steven Barber's picture

"English bumbling person" Oh? ok. Thanks for that

Sean Shimmel's picture

Greg is the elder statesman of confident photography... but his video are always talk, talk, talk. I'd love to see him in plenty of action

Savi You's picture

Purchase his 50 Portraits $25 I ever spent.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Thanks so much for the recommendation

Praverb's picture

Nice advice from Greg. We just have to find our own mojo.

Matt Burgett's picture

Greg is the best teacher I have ever had.