An Interview With Pete Souza: Behind the Images

American renowned former White House photographer and photojournalist, Pete Souza, for his first ever audio interview hosted by Ohio University, speaks of his time documenting the professional and personal life of former President Barack Obama.As part of Scripps College of Communication annual Schuneman Symposium for Photojournalism and New Media, Souza exhibits a selection of his most prized photographs, visiting the university and presenting to a captive audience. In his past life, as both Obama and Ronald Reagan’s chief official photographer, Souza has gained remarkable insight into the often unseen life of an American President. After spending the past eight years capturing the highlights of Obama’s two terms in office, Souza developed a friendship and deep personal respect for the former president, with this sentiment clearly evident within his photographs. Pete Souza’s talent and knack for capturing both candid and formal memorable moments, has given the world a rare glimpse into the tense, funny, heartbreaking and joyful moments of Barack Obama’s time as an influential and for the most part, loved world leader.

After having one of the most fascinating jobs on the planet, it is no surprise that Souza has been in demand since Obama’s presidency ended. His audio interview with former colleague, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Marcia Nighswander, gave audiences a rare insight into the thought processes behind many of his more controversial and well recognized Obama photographs (like the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march and Obama conversing with Putin on the anniversary of D Day in Normandy). Souza is also about to have his book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait: The Historic Presidency in Photographs, published in November, which will include around 300 images of life behind the doors of the White House. More treasured photos from his time as chief official photographer, can also be found on Souza’s highly popular Instagram account.

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This is the dream job! Good work Pete Souza!