Leonard Nimoy & Pharrell Williams Explain What It Means To Be An Artist

The Reserve Channel is consistently one of the best resources of inspiration and interesting content for creatives. We've featured the Emmy-nominated show Capture on Fstoppers several times. Today we bring you another of the Reserve Channel's shows, the always fantastic ARTST TLK. In this episide, Pharrell Williams sits down with Leonard Nimoy to discuss photography, the character of Spock and what it means to be an artist.

Mr. Nimoy talks about his photography projects around 11:20, and at 20:50, he talks about what it is (and has meant to him) to lead a creative life. Be sure to watch the rest, and don't miss out on a truly fantastic conversation between two fantastic people.

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Bob Bell's picture

Fantastic indeed, great post.

Chet Meyerson's picture

Growing up with Star Trek and Spock and now an aspiring photographer, this is truly motivating! Thank you for the post!

Dennis Moore's picture