3 Important Landscape Photography Lessons

Landscape photography is a challenging genre that requires a balance of technical abilities, creative vision, the ability to predict and adapt to evolving conditions, and a lot of persistence. If you would like to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial from an experienced landscape photographer that will teach you some important lessons sure to put you on the right track.

Coming to you from Perea Photography, this excellent video tutorial features a range of important lessons for landscape photographers. If I had to give a single piece of advice to a new landscape photographer, it would be to not get married to only using wide angle lenses. There is nothing wrong with wide angle lenses; after all, there is a reason they are used so much. However, they are not the only option. A telephoto lens can allow you to simplify complex scenes by isolating one or two interesting elements and removing things that distract from them. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Perea. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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