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5 Australian Beaches to Visit For Seascape Images

Australia boasts some of the best beaches in the world. If you photograph water and you haven’t visited, then you are certainly missing out!

In this video, landscape and seascape photographer Jeremy Payne highlights some of his favorite Gold Coast beaches to visit whether you are a local or visiting from out of state (or even out of the country!). The beauty of Australia is that many of the beaches which might surround a particular city or town are usually all within driving distance of one another so you could potentially visit two or three within a day. Of course, if you have the option why not book a longer stay and do a beach a day instead and really get to know the ins and outs of it from sunrise to sunset; or shorter if you’d prefer.

What is really refreshing about Payne’s video is the candor with which he happily shares his go-to locations. By sharing he helps to foster a strong sense of community and belonging with fellow photographers. I know I’ve often wondered how something was photographed and there are plenty of photographers who share tips and tricks. What is less common, but refreshing to see, is the sharing of locations.

An image is very much about a sense of place. No two places, even if similar, are ever the same. Places hold a unique sense of aura. Obviously in this case I am referring to Walter Benjamin’s definition. Even if a place is unique, having different photographers and artists create work based on their vision of it offers slightly different layers and facets to the same location. What I see isn’t what Payne might see. What you see isn’t what I might see. It’s how we each view the world which creates different photographs and less so what is being photographed.

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Ali Choudhry is a photographer in Australia. His photographic practice aims to explore the relationship with the self, between the other, and the world. Through use of minimalist compositions and selective use of color and form he aims to invoke what he calls the "breath". He is currently working towards a BA (Honours) in Photography.

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