5 Reasons for Landscape Photographers to Switch to Mirrorless and 5 Reasons to Keep Your DSLR

There is no arguing that the camera industry is quickly transitioning to mirrorless, but that does not mean every photographer has to immediately jettison all their DSLR gear. In fact, many genres really do not need all the benefits of mirrorless cameras. This excellent video essay features a landscape photographer discussing five reasons why a switch to mirrorless would benefit him and five why he might just hang on to his DSLR a little longer. 

Coming to you from Attilio Ruffo, this insightful video features him discussing five reasons why switching to mirrorless would benefit his landscape photography and five reasons he might stick with his DSLR. One thing that I personally love about my switch to Canon mirrorless is just how seamlessly my EF lenses operate via adapters (and in some cases, they work better). This has made it easy to transition to mirrorless at my leisure and to hang on to some of my favorite lenses that simply do not have equivalent counterparts in a new mount. In fact, I will probably never sell those lenses simply because they continue to fulfill my needs. It's important to remember that you do not have to be all in one or the other; a hybrid kit is very usable. Check out the video above for Ruffo's full thoughts on the matter. 

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