Behind the Scenes of a Time-Lapse Adventure in the Alabama Hills

The start of a new year is always rife with possibility and plans for self-improvement. Something I intend to accomplish in 2018 is improve my time-lapse photography skill set. As with most self-improvement goals, this will involve a combination of education and practice. For me, the education part of the equation comprises binging YouTube tutorials and inspirational videos. First on the docket for 2018 is this behind-the-scenes video of a time-lapse and nightscape photography winter trip in the Alabama Hills.

Presented by Astrophotographer Matthew Saville of NatureTTL in partnership with B&H Photo Video, this short video is a fun look at the work involved in creating portfolio level night sky landscape time-lapses. Saville and his group camp in the Alabama Hills, photographing well-known locations such as Mobius Arch but also hiking in the dark in search of lesser known compositions.

Saville shoots sunset, the night sky, moonrise, and sunrise during his stay, with a combination of time-lapses, composite images, and panoramas. The results are beautiful and inspiring. Sleep is a luxury that landscape photographers cannot usually afford and Seville works hard throughout the trip, constantly chasing new angles and setting up a variety of shots in the cold.

I plan on spending time this year exploring and showcasing nature through time-lapse photography. What are your 2018 photography goals?

[via NatureTTL]

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I just spent the other morning there taking photos and trying to keep my jaw off the ground. It’s so beautiful

Nice! Did you get some good shots?

Some of the best from my trip! Though I fee like it's hard to go for the first time and not take all of the typical photos. I'd love to go back again. It was a cloudy morning so the sun didn't get very dramatic.

That's great! Sounds like you need to go back soon!

Wow, that's pretty wild. When was this?

Not sure. Wondering if he further edited/refined these for the final release versus just putting some up in this video for a behind the scenes look.

Nice! I love Bama, surprisingly cool place

I've never had the pleasure. Alabama Hills definitely on my never-ending list!