Is This the Best Filter System on the Market?

When it comes to different filter systems, they may seem simple, but they can have wildly differing user experiences, with some a breeze to use and others an awkward, fumbling debacle. Is this magnetic system the best on the market?

I have had an unusual relationship with filters. I have loathed some since my first day as a photographer and still do, and yet some I cannot live without. When I started photography, I eventually bought a selection of oblong filters that slide into a holder. I spent more than I should have, particularly given that I didn’t fully understand when I would need them. The filter I particularly wanted was a gradient for those bright skies when taking my (dreadful) landscapes. I quickly found out that unless you’re photographing straight-line horizons, they’re going to plunge into shadow everything that crosses the threshold. That is, those trees and buildings that are blocking parts of the sky go black. Horrid. Conversely, however, the CPL filter was a game changer in many areas of my photography, from anything involving water, to motorsport where it removed the reflections from windows.

All of this said, I still hated the system I used. It all felt so cumbersome and antiquated, so I’m pleased to see that area evolving so quickly. I have read several reviews of the leading magnetic systems and they are undoubtedly a huge quality-of-life upgrade when it comes to using filters. This system by PolarPro seems particularly good!

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Robert K Baggs is a professional portrait and commercial photographer, educator, and consultant from England. Robert has a First-Class degree in Philosophy and a Master's by Research. In 2015 Robert's work on plagiarism in photography was published as part of several universities' photography degree syllabuses.

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Nice design but unless I missed something there is no information if a polarizing filter is available for this system. PolarPro only talks about a variable ND filter and the kit costs $329. On their website they do sell CP filters but at different filter sizes, $99 each. To me, without a CP filter for this system that fits all lens sizes, it defeats the purpose of using this system.