Blizzard Photography Looks Like Fun

In his latest video, Thomas Heaton shows just how committed he is to his craft, battling sub-zero blizzard conditions in search of a "cracking" image.

Britain has seen unprecedented snowfall in the past week from the polar vertex nicknamed "The Beast from the East," which has brought freezing winds across most of Europe. Heaton braved the arctic conditions in search of striking landscape images; the resulting video shows the lengths landscape photographers go to for their work. 

Heaton's cold journey hits a dead end at first as he cannot find safe passage into Northumberland National Park. He attempts seascape photography along the coast, fighting blustery conditions and large swells before making his way to a wooded area inland.    

Heaton is in great spirits throughout his expedition. While I've never photographed in these kinds of conditions, I can certainly relate to his mood. I've never had a bad time photographing landscapes. No matter the weather or the images I end up with, I always feel invigorated. That is the lure of the genre.

Check out the video to see Heaton's images. What are the most extreme weather conditions you've taken photographs in? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments.

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Aneesh Kothari is a Houston-based travel, landscape, and cityscape photographer. He enjoys reading, traveling with his family, and making lists of things he enjoys. He yearns to be a Civil War buff but has yet to finish the Ken Burns series.

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A few years ago I started a 52-self-portrait project (dropped after a few weeks, of course) and one was taken outside when it was about 15 degrees out, right after a rare snowstorm in Seattle area. I wore a thin blouse and jeans for the picture.

It was hardly sub-zero temperatures, but without my winter jacket, I sure felt the cold fast!

I can imagine! Sounds like a great project. Any plans to start it up again and try to sustain it?

Maybe? I'm not against the idea. If I were to, it wouldn't be in a in a 52 week format, though. These days my interests are more landscapes.

It's a saturated market, though, and I've been mulling on how to set my stuff apart from the lot.

Thanks for the info!

I love Mr Heaton's videos thanks for adding them here. The man has a great attitude towards his life and craft and his videos are always entertaining and informative. I admire a man that seems to have no qualms in breaking out expensive gear in the rain snow dust and sand. I cringe when he changes lens in a snowstorm for that special shot. I am much to cheap and chicken to take those kind of chances but then again he is a true professional...I am not.


Glad to hear you enjoyed the video. I agree, I always find his work a cut above the usual YouTube fare. Thanks for reading and commenting!