Experience Monsoon Storm Photography With Nick Page

Step outside of your comfort zone and head into the storm with this incredible desert adventure. This video follows professional photographers Nick Page, Michael Shainblum, and Sean Parker as they capture a monsoon storm in the remote desert.

Storm chasing can be incredibly rewarding for landscape photographers who want to experience and capture conditions outside of typical sunrises and sunsets. Storms present photographers with an incredibly dynamic range of subjects, including grand cloud formations, piercing light-rays, and of course, lightning. To capture lightning, you can either try your luck with a slow shutter speed (often difficult in the daytime and will require ND filters) or you can use a lightning trigger, a device that will automatically trigger your shutter when lightning strikes. We recommend the MIOPS Camera Trigger for its reliability and for the fact that it doesn't require pairing with a smartphone as many other camera triggers do. 

It is important when storm chasing to always maintain a high awareness for your personal safety. Pay attention to what the storm is doing and always have an escape plan established. When in doubt, you can always enroll in a storm chasing workshop and let a professional handle the logistics. If you are interested in learning more about lightning photography, check out Five Tips For Capturing That Perfect Lightning Photo

Images used with permission and courtesy of Nick Page.

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Edison Wrzosek's picture

Very happy to see Fstoppers showcasing someone of Nick Page's calibre on their site, it's lone overdue!