Expert Tips on Photographing Lightning

Have you ever seen those epic lightning photos from people who happen to capture those electric bursts and wanted to go capture your own versions of such photos? Well, lucky for you, Hank Schyma has put together some absolutely fantastic tips for how to do just that.

Capturing lightning is not an easy pursuit. It takes time, it takes patience, and oftentimes it takes some circumstantial luck to get the shot in the right place at the right time. Regardless of which part of the world you happen to be in, spending the time to monitor the weather patterns near you will have a big payoff. Right now, in certain parts of the world it is what is called "monsoon season." According to the National Weather Service, monsoon season takes place roughly between June 15 and September 30. Though the weather patterns probably won't stick to that exact schedule, it still provides enough information to start planning your locations and watching for where weather patterns typically run.

Schyma has put together some of the best tips and advice that I have ever encountered when it comes to photographing lightning. If you're not sure what gear to take, or what settings to use, or even different settings you can use depending on your lighting conditions, then he has got you covered. You will want to have a pencil and some paper handy because even though the video isn't even 10 minutes long, there are so many great tips that it will be hard to remember them if you only watch the video through once. So check it out, go shoot some lightning, and then come back and comment to tell us how it went.

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Michael Higgins's picture

I learned recently that you don't necessarily need a bolt to get a successful lightning image. I got this last week, and in the future I won't be so quick to scroll past these during culling.

Rex Jones's picture

An excellent point, Michael! And such a great shot!!

Michael Higgins's picture

I thank you.

Jon Kellett's picture

A very entertaining video. Good viewing indeed.

Lou Bragg's picture

Why do most Youtuber “experts” try son hard to be funny? I really want to pay attention to the content without being obliged to listen to sometimes painful humor .....

g coll's picture

Lighten up mate it was an entertaining video and presented really well. It's not a news bulletin.

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

He also talks about switching the camera to manual focus and the engages manual exposure settings which have nothing to do with that.

I ended up skipping through the video for the most parts, while probably not bad the style just didn't appeal to me.

Michael Chee's picture

Love the info and presentation !!!

David Basden's picture

Well that was a hoot. ;)