Forget Iceland, This Place Should Be On Your Go-to List

Over recent years, photographers have flocked to places like Iceland, the Greek islands, and Bali. It might now seem that there's nowhere new or unique to explore. You'd be wrong to think so. This is an untapped gem you have to see.

As high-quality camera gear has become more affordable to hobbyists and travel information available at the tap of a finger on a phone, stunning images from the around the world have become par for the course. Taking a tour to Iceland to shoot its majestic mountains and incredible waterfalls or catching boats through the Aegean Sea to display the marvels of Greece has become all too familiar for photographers, both professional and amateur. And why not? They're stunning places. But it does seem at times like the same photos, no matter how incredible, keep appearing again and again. Wouldn't it be nice to find uncharted territory?

That idea brings us to this great video brought to you by Andy Mumford, in which he explores the wild Skeleton Coast in Namibia, Southwest Africa. It got the name of Skeleton Coast because of how many capsized boats and shipwrecks occur there, and along that stretch you can see many ghosts of ships left to rot and rust in the waters. Logistically, it's a difficult place to get to, but it's just starting to open up now to photographers. What can you expect when you get there? For starters, huge orange sand dunes meeting gorgeous cobalt ocean. But that's just a taster. Watch the video to see how amazing this place is, and let me know if you're interested in putting it on your to-go list.

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Africa is definitely on my bucket list. Namibia looks to be an amazing place as well and we all know the photos that have come out of there too. Beautiful place.

That said, Iceland is probably my favorite location I've ever been in the world. Granted it has changed a lot and over ridden with tourists but for good reason. The only other place I can think that still checks all the boxes is Alaska. It's large enough that you can travel without seeing tons of tourists, it's in the US if you care about passports and currency/language barriers, and the weather is amazing in the summer. That's my only issue with places like Africa is the heat and humidity.

See the problem we have with Iceland and Alaska is the snow. No go to the snow snow. Namibia, on the other hand, is starting to get some attention as a serious surfing location, so add that with the photography and I’m sold. Looks a bit of a mission to get to but that is a good thing.

I lived in Alaska so I understand the snow but during the summer it's amazing. 70-90 degrees during the day and 60 at night.

I've only been to Iceland during the winter (Nov/Dec) and preferred seeing it with snow. My preference is always colder though as I hate heat and humidity despite living in SC and Puerto Rico.

No humidity in Namibia! It actually gets quite cold at night, even though its mid 30s - or higher - in the day. Just fly into South Africa and then jump on a connecting flight into Windhoek. It's also really easy to get around, it's one of the few African countries that I would drive myself around in.

I went backpacking through a European winter in the early 90s while at uni and ended up spending a good few weeks in the Czech Republic. Sensational place, but the snow and ice and slippy slides everywhere…on my way back to Australia, I stopped in at Thailand for a week on the beaches in the south. My decision was made there.

Much to the shock and horror of almost all my friends, I’ve lived in Japan nearly 20 years and never been to the snow! Far south and sun for me thanks very much.

The little girl doesn't like snow. Boohoo.

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."

~ Anakin Skywalker.

You want a new Iceland but undiscovered? Check out the Azores! 9 islands, almost no people except the main island in high season! And cheap flights from a lot of destinations!

More important, is the coffee as good as on the Portuguese mainland?

YESSSSSSS :) as a Portuguese addicted to coffee myself i can confirm this :)

Funnily enough, like Namibia, the Azores have been getting a lot of attention in the surfing world in recent years.

Yes, for surfing São Jorge Island is awesome. But the reason i mention the azores is actually for photographers. It's very easily going to be the new hotspot within the next 5 years because of it's diversity, ocean wildlife, vulcanoes, forrests, big vistas, oceanscapes, etc.

You should probably link the content creators name to their youtube page

I can do that, but you can always just click on the youtube video itself.

I think having the link to the content creators page is like giving credit. Also, without the credit/link, it looks like the author of the article is the video creator, which is often not, sometimes is.

There is always a link to the video creator at the bottom right of the article’s last line. Always has been.

Not sure it’s easily visible or not, but it’s always been there as long as I’ve been writing for Fstoppers, which is 4 years.

Ah, you are most likely right. I normally concentrate on the body of the article.

I have to admit, I've been reading this site for 6 years, and the "via: ????" rarely catches my eye. Could be the deadspace so I don't read that far.

Yeah, over the years, a few people have said it is a bit obscure but links have always been there. Also, I think most writers will explicitly say something like: “In this great video, brought to you by_______”

The way our backend is set up for writers, you can’t hit the “Publish” button successfully unless you’ve linked the video URL to the original creator, so there’s definitely nothing sneaky going on.

Just amazing! Great Video and very informative. I have been planning a trip to Namibia. You captured the beauty of this country splendidly. Thanks.

Photographers flying all over the world for pretty photos.