Helpful Tips for Better Waterfall Photography

Waterfalls are some of the most popular subjects in landscape photography, able to take an otherwise static scene and add dynamic movement that captures the viewer's attention. It is about more than simply plopping your tripod in front of one, though. This great video tutorial will show you some helpful tips sure to improve your waterfall images. 

Coming to you from Omar Gonzalez Photography, this excellent video tutorial will show you some useful tips for improving your waterfall images. The beauty of waterfalls beyond the movement they add to the scene is that they create natural lines that draw the viewer into the image and give it depth. As such, you should carefully consider the path the viewer's eye is going to take through the frame and where it is going to end up. If you can, give them a prize, so to speak, at the end of the path. This will help the eye to linger and explore the image more rather than being led entirely out of the frame. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Gonzalez. 

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