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How to Take the Best Fog Photos

For a while now, I have been a big fan of the videos that Tony and Chelsea Northrup put together. Their channel is a wealth of knowledge that I visit many times. This particular video, one of their most recent, is one I found to be particularly helpful. If you are like me in that you don't often have the chance to shoot in fog, much less shoot in it frequently, then these tips will be helpful to make the timing and execution of your foggy excursions be that much more successful.

Personally, I found their insights into location-scouting to be particularly helpful. I will frequently venture out to scout locations, but I am often looking for something specific, and my notes for it will reflect those findings. Taking the time to pre-visualize what the scene would look like blanketed in fog is something I honestly hadn't thought to do, mostly because we get fog all of maybe once a year here in southern Utah. In addition to a bunch of other fantastic tips for location-scouting and identification, this video actually takes you on location to give some great tips for setting up your compositions and what to look for while doing so. For those of you lucky enough to find yourself in fogbound situations more frequently than the rest of us, make sure to comment below if you have any other tips or suggestions.

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