Landscape Photography With a $60,000 Camera

There are expensive cameras, and then, there are really expensive cameras. The Phase One XT camera system definitely falls in the latter category, but with it, you get highly specialized features and superlative image quality. This neat video shows why the camera is tailor-made for landscape photography and some of the images you can create with it. 

Coming to you from Simon Baxter, this interesting video takes you behind the scenes photographing landscapes with the Phase One XT and IQ4 camera system. The IQ4 back has a gigantic 53.4 by 40 mm sensor (substantially larger than most medium format sensors) that outputs 151 megapixels (14,204 by 10,652 pixels), 16-bit color, and 15 stops of dynamic range. Meanwhile, the XT pairing offers a compact package, 24 mm of rise and fall and horizontal shift via self-locking rear movements (for perspective correction), automated frame averaging for long exposures without ND filters and reduced noise, and access to the Phase One Labs program. The automated frame averaging is particularly neat, as it protects the highlights as well, making it, in many ways, both more convenient and superior to using a conventional ND filter. This system would certainly be my splurge purchase if I ever win the lottery. Check out the video above to see it in action. 

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Timothy Gasper's picture

Yes, very nice. Well hell, I'll just open up my wallet here. Let me see, let me see.....ok....better check the cookie jar too. Ok,, let's look under the couch cushions.....hmm...hhhmmmmm. Nope...don't have. Oh well.

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

The main reason for high MP cameras is for cropping, I have noticed over the many years, for those without a lens with reach or finding a different composition in a different part of the image. Many will say to get a bigger print but even a 12MP will get you a poster size, but with Topaz or even PS/Lr etc you can enlarge today to your heart's content, but the printer companies have their tricks in the end. Today it is software that gets the sharpness/clarity! In reality people have that narrow clarity view and scan across/up/down even looking at a small print. And when did you bring a magnifying glass to look at a print, besides every print has a viewing distance. Ah and when posted on social media you reduce the image size. True story in '14 I was on a driftwood beach with my Sony A7S + FE 16-35mm f/4 OSS and a guy with a Phase One camera came by and watched me for a few hours, then we meet up at the local campground and we edited images in C1, he ordered a A7R later. I think this camera does not have IBIS nor does the lens have IS so it is only a tripod camera. Also it has a Sony sensor!!! Phase One and Sony have been together for the whole time. Sold more again '17 in Antelope Canyon Bracketing shots with A7RM2 without a tripod while those with the $$ rigs had to do long exposes, the clicking drove them crazy!

Timothy Gasper's picture

Agree completely about high MP cameras used for cropping. Interesting about the Sony and Phase One story. I sometimes wonder why people will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a camera that will put out the same or similar work as one not as expensive. And the Phase One is definitely around 40 to 60 thousand. For serious work for the agencies I shoot for I use film in Hasselblad 500CM and Fuji GX680. I just scan them professionally so I can do PP whenever or if ever I need to. BTW...did the man with the Phase One ever say why he bought that camera? Just curious. Nice photos. I live in Utah and go to Antelope Canyon and other places often. Beautiful area. Thank you.

Ian McRoman's picture

Would be great to knowing little more on this 60k camera, think more people want to but, feel small true ONLY have a 8k camera.... ;)