Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid!

When we start out as photographers, there are so many rules to follow and so many techniques to be applied. So, where do you start? What rules do you follow and what do you avoid? In his new video, Mads Peter Iversen tells you what to avoid and what considerations to make when framing your sho, capturing the image, and post-processing.

Creativity and Your Images

When it comes to capturing and post-processing, Mads Peter Iversen provides you with all the essentials you need to consider with your images, including what settings to use and what not to get too hung up on with your photography. 

Capturing the image as seen and with no post-processing may be some photographers cup of tea, while others enjoy the art of post-processing to further extend their vision. Mads, in my opinion, quite rightly and openly addresses this and other photographic rules and concepts, shall we say, quite early on in the video. Should we always strive for epic landscape images or should we learn to appreciate and enjoy the scenery around us and shoot what we want and for ourselves?

What you capture and where you take that capture in post is ultimately your decision, and you shouldn't be striving to follow a set of rules. Learn the basics, keep updating your knowledge and skills, and enjoy what you create. 

Photography is a creative art and creativity shouldn't be forced to fit someone else's opinion on how it should be done. That's for them to do it that way. 

Perhaps this topic is for another article, but in the meantime, take a look at Mad's insightful and open video.

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William Kocken's picture

I don’t want to spend 1/2 hour watching a video that may not be of interest . Can’t we get a better description of what he’s talking about?


honestly, do they even write articles on this site or just crib YouTubers videos?

Justin Sharp's picture

I wish the contributors on this website would realize how much value it would add to these articles if they took even a little effort to provide more of a description or synopsis of the video. Maybe even a review of the video and their take in order to jumpstart a meaningful conversation about the content. if I just want to watch a youtube video, i can do my own content search.