Photographing The World: Japan Behind The Scenes Episode 1

Photographing The World: Japan, our newest photography tutorial with Elia Locardi, is finally live. And as always, we filmed an entire behind-the-scenes series of its creation. This is Episode 1. 

Everyone will be upset to hear that for the first time, Patrick didn't work on this tutorial. He actually had his firstborn son the day before we left for Japan. To add to the complexity, I ended up bringing a buddy I met in Jiu-Jitsu class, who had no filming experience at all, to take Patrick's place. And because I wanted to make this project as difficult as possible, I also brought my wife and two-year-old son with me.

I can assure you, this behind-the-scenes series will be unlike anything we've created before. Watch episode 1 above, and make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube Channel to see the next episode as soon as it goes live. 

If you're interested in landscape photography, make sure you check out the full tutorial in the Fstoppers Store. If you buy Photographing the World: Japan today, we will give you any other Photographing The World tutorial totally for free. 

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What I use to like to do is is go out on ventures, back then, I would carry my Canon AE-1 and would go down to the train station jump on a train and let it take me somewhere where I never been, YES, I got lost several times, and that is where the magic began, the people there were so friendly that they would go out their way to help you, even if you didn't need it, people use to come up to me and try speaking in English just to practice, some would invite you to go have a drink with them, I was even invited into their home for dinner, to be honest, I hated to leave the place.