So, You Want to Improve Your Photography?

Improving your photography has no shortcuts, but you can still make wiser choices to develop faster.

Nick Page’s impressive landscape photography portfolio is a clear testament to what happens when you keep investing yourself in your craft. Based on what you see on his website, I don’t think a single person could possibly guess he’s only been at it for six years. So how did he develop his skills so quickly?

In the video above, Page speaks about the “art” of improving your work in photography. I’m guessing that most of us wish to continually improve our creative skillset, but oftentimes we can get hung up on following the wrong path. Getting better at photography quickly requires spending that short amount of time focusing yourself on the right things. Page shares several areas and techniques to immerse yourself in and improve on as well as a few things that he considers to be unwise investments of time if you’re serious about growing your photography career.

What are some of your own tips that have kept you on the right track towards improvement? Are there things you found to be a waste of time? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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José D. Riquelme's picture

He has taken a long time, xD I've been two years :)