Travel Blogger Hikes From Mexico to Canada and Films One Second Each Day

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2653 mile foot path that connects Mexico and Canada via California, Oregon, and Washington. Travel blogger Mac, who runs the website HalfwayAnywhere, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and took one second of film each day to create a 3 minute video montage that shows some of the most incredible landscapes anywhere in the world.

Thru-hiking is a term for hiking that encompasses the whole trail, start to finish. Many people take day hikes, or even hikes that last a few days, but who brave the five months it takes to thru-hike Pacific Coast Trail will experience some of the most extraordinary landscapes of the United States West Coast: the Sonoran and Mojave deserts, wild Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, and the rugged Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington. They'll encounter unpredictable weather, wild animals, wild humans, and some of the most beautiful countryside around. The video, comprised of one second clips, condenses a five-month hike into a three minute video that gives viewers a taste of the incredible journey and breathtaking landscapes of the PCT. 

Watching the video gives the viewer a Cliff's Notes of the landscapes of the West Coast of the United States, which is a welcome sight during quarantine. 

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Timothy Roper's picture

I remember watching that video awhile ago, but don't remember a single scene from it. Meanwhile, I've watched vlogs from people who did the PCT, and who spent a lot of time editing to make it interesting, with stories of other people, the hardships, etc. And I remember plenty from those videos. Gimmicks and shortcuts just don't have the long-lasting impact.

Fristen Lasten's picture

Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.

vik .'s picture

Good but boy what a shaky ride.

Troy Straub's picture

Why not just take a picture every day. A slide show would have been much better that a bunch of fast cuts of shaky warping video clips. Had to quit watching two min in was getting dizzy.

Michael Carter's picture

5 months for hikers to make the trek.. 2,660 days for landscape photographers.

Rick Boden's picture

Would be great to see a map trail with advancing track beside the imagery.

Michael Larsen's picture

I really enjoyed the idea and the execution of the video. Thanks to the originator.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Thanks. I never thought to do this. I'm bringing a gimbal, though. :)

Edgar Moskopp's picture

though I also think it was a bit too shaky (for current standards) I am sure that the stabilization of a current smartphone would be more than enough