Your Landscape Photography as a Force for Good: An Interview With Photography Legend Joe Cornish

As your immersion in landscape photography grows, you probably find yourself having a deeper connection with the world around us. In this inspirational video, photographer Simon Baxter talks to world-renowned landscape legend Joe Cornish about what it means to have such an intense relationship, and what it should mean to all of us.

Joe Cornish is best known for his large-format landscape photography work and has worked extensively for the National Trust over the last 30 years, developing a unique connection with British nature and wildlife. To him, his photography is not just about the visual form, but about understanding the world as a habitat that we have to respect and maintain.

In this video, Cornish explains that the relationship with nature should be two-way; as well as the images it presents to us, it gives us joy through its beauty and a sanctuary in which to find a respite from the stresses of modern life. In return, we should be working hard to maintain it and reduce our impact upon it. 

As you’ll discover, Baxter has set up a fund to plant more trees in the Scottish Highlands and you can make a donation to this charitable project.

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