Samsung Sues Their Own Ambassador for $1.6 Million for Using an iPhone

Samsung Sues Their Own Ambassador for $1.6 Million for Using an iPhone

Being a brand ambassador can come with some nice perks (such as free gear), but of course, you're bound to use the gear from the company you represent. One brand ambassador for Samsung violated that, and now, the company is suing her for a seven-figure amount.

Ksenia Sobchak is a Russian politician and TV personality as well as a Samsung ambassador. Of course, being an ambassador, she's contractually obligated to use a Samsung phone. However, recently, she was seen in a television interview holding an iPhone X, despite her best efforts to hide it from the cameras under a piece of paper. It's apparently not the first time she's been caught doing so either, but either way, Samsung is now suing her for $1.6 million, an amount Apple Insider says is likely much greater than what she was paid to endorse the brand in the first place. While I understand it's a breach of contract, it sure seems like Samsung would have been better to just quietly void the contract, as there seems to be a bit of a Streisand effect going now. Either way, neither side has yet to make a public comment on the lawsuit. 

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it would be best for Samsung to deal with it quietly...or it can be used by the other brands against them...

I doubt it will effect anything, Samsung phones are going to be sold by the truck load regardless :-) Stupid of the "ambassador" to act that way. Unprofessional.

yes, it wont afect sales, but Apple can use it to make fun of samsung, it cam make some damage on samsung image

Maybe however, I think most of us don't pay much attention to the childish punches they pull on each other. I am LG user anyway :-)

Apple can, but they never do. It's not their style to talk about Samsungs legal issues, and if they did, they'd poke fun at the phone itself not the company following legal practice it's totally in the right to follow. Apple of all companies have no right to poke fun about lawsuits either actually after all the ones theyve received and have dished out themselves. Samsung is 100% right about this, contract is a contract. It can't damage their image, they are following perfectly legit legal procedure

Apple need not do anything to benefit. The message 'Even Samsung's own brand ambassadors prefer Apple' is already getting out there thanks to Samsung's lawsuit. Apple cannot add any greater value and their promoting it might actually diminish the value.

You missed the point. Its not their style to advertise another companys' legal battles on Apple ads in order to make sales.

Apple doesn't need to do anything, because their crazy kool-aid drinking cult fans will do it for them, of course. Mission accomplished. Did nobody notice that the link in this article is to Apple Insider, LOL?

When you are a shill, carny barker, brand ambassador, "influencer" or spokesmodel and paid to promote a product it is pretty stupid to bite the puppet masters hand so to speak. I'm guessing she didn't read the fine print, too blinded by the shiny things and bucket of money...

Entitlement, you see a lot more of it within the influencer marketin realm.

Why anyone would buy anything after a bias review some influencer makes on a project (they received for free) is beyond me.

I’d much rather watch an enthusiast give me their take.

See so much of it with cameras especially, gimbals, lenses etc etc.

How many videos here have been shared that were paid for adverts (with gear not money) on some product.

I’m missing the connection to photography.. ah yes, iPhone has a camera.

Oh my why is so hard for people like you to just skip articles that don't interest you?

I guess the same reason people like you feel obligated to ask.

That's just great and "free" advertising for Apple... Actually the kind of advertising that works great!!!!

Influduncer moment right there.

Might see more of this moving forward as “influencers” get more and more perks from companies. Arguably reducing the creative freedom and expression for “selling out”.

sounds like an angry cheated wife..
crazy and scary..

For all we know,Samsung might have expressed their displeasure in private. But we also know not all politicians and TV personality understand the meaning of "gentle persuasion"

What do you expect when you deal with a Russian "politician".