Wedding Photographer Charged With Violating Coronavirus Emergency Order After Shooting Ceremony

Wedding Photographer Charged With Violating Coronavirus Emergency Order After Shooting Ceremony

A New Jersey wedding photographer was charged with violating a coronavirus emergency order after police caught him photographing a ceremony, with a penalty of up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

Lakewood Police and Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office charged Yakov Makukha along with six adult attendees with violating the state coronavirus emergency order. The incident happened on April 21, when Lakewood Police were called to investigate a backyard wedding. Officers responding to the scene found a family in a van in the driveway, who informed them that they were there for family photos for the wedding. Upon entering the backyard, police found Makukha photographing a family of six people.

Subsequently, officers issued summonses to all the adults present (anyone who was not charged with anything else was simply issued a summons instead of being arrested). The violations are classified as a disorderly conduct offense and carry a penalty of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Many states have ongoing orders heavily restricting the size of gatherings and the sort of services that can be rendered at this time in an effort to curtail the rate of spread of the coronavirus pandemic. As of May 13, the United States has had almost 1.4 million confirmed cases and approximately 84,000 deaths due to the virus. 

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Andrew Pollock's picture

Wait, you had six people fined (backyard people), six people summoned (van people). If they were in the van separately from the backyard people, they're under the limit. Assuming the backyard was an Officiant, Bride, Groom, Bride Parents, Groom Parents, and photographer (6 people) then everyone but the Officiant and photographer are already living under the same roof (presumably) and would have been potentially exposed at the same time. We don't know the relations of the van people so can't make any assumption of infection rate with them. Just curious if the Bride and Groom are going to be kept separated by the State because they're not related except by marriage. End of the day, had they done this at a Walmart aisle or the local grocery store, they'd have been just fine. NJ is a stickler for the rules which is hard to deal with.

Erpillar Bendy's picture

New Jersey has 9,500 covid-19 deaths so far.

Steve White's picture

Most of which have occurred in nursing homes and assisted living which NJ was slow to protect. I'm not aware of any significant number of deaths from backyard weddings, but perhaps I missed something.

Stephen Holst's picture

disregard my comment. Misread the response

Studio 403's picture

Pathetic big brother doing overreach. If all agree to social distance things and all other "cleaning" protocols let her rip.
Folks lets have some balance and not acquiesce our legal freedoms from my perception, government ego's gone bad.

Alex Kartashov's picture

And this ladies and gentlemen is why the USA has the highest number of cases in the world. Americans.

E S's picture

And this, ladies and gentlemen is why most of the world wants to live in the USA, to be Americans!

fixed it for you!

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Used to, racism, gun shots, extreme right, crazy gun lovers. Not sure many want to live in USA anymore ;)

Christian Fiore's picture

I'm pretty sure Americans don't want people like you in the USA, either.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Yep definitely, i wouldn't be align with any of those ideals....

Just to clarify, not all americans are like that, but is a very strong stereotype that they have recently earned, (Trump, racism, shootings) and reason for which the "I want to live in america dream" is way gone, at least for educated people.

Christian Fiore's picture

It's funny, because almost all of the worst areas in the country are run by Democrats, the supposed opposite of the usual American stereotype. And the stereotypical American people don't even live in those areas.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Actually you would be surprise, how badly americans are looked upon now a days on the rest of the world.

Christian Fiore's picture

It's been like that for a long time. Though the Chinese are certainly making a name for themselves via some of their obnoxious tourists.

Ben Harris's picture

Couldn’t agree more, it’s so absurd. People are dying of a virus, and response seems to be to argue about the constitution? 😂

Studio 403's picture

If you take our whole population in context, our total death rate is very low (of course one death is too much). A lot of American values derive from our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. America for sure has many faults. At stake, Our Governors do not have the legal authority to take legal actions this is not granted. The essence of law, if a governor can violate the late, we as Americans can do the same if one is looking for a level playing field. Notwithstanding, I hope all Americans go by the guidelines issued by governors and mayors. However, Government leaders should make appeals, not laws for obedience. The right to disagree and civil disobedience is righteous. I hope for balance in my state.

Let me give you an absurd order. No one can read Fstoppers or buy any tutorials for 6 months. Why?. I deem it too stressful and can hurt your eyes. Since a lot of photographers are out of work, you are not to spend any money on camera gear or anything related to photography. Absurd? of course. I admit this is not a fair comparison. But many American's feel this way about shutting down a business, etc.

Another Username's picture

I am perfectly fine with people assembling and disobeying the orders that are in place for their safety. I don’t think they should be fined if they break these orders either.

But I also don’t think they should be helped if they get sick.

After was your choice ....You are a free person..... and you can tell that to your family while gasping for air FaceTiming them while you die alone.

It’s that simple. Don’t use the resources reserved for those who DID follow the guidelines.

sam dasso's picture

Good idea. Also lets refuse medical help to people who are overweight, smokers or alcohol and pot users. Lets not provide medical help to people who engage in risky activity like mountain climbers, bike riders or people who engage in unprotected sex. And don't forget people who don't follow guidelines and don't eat 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Studio 403's picture

you got my vote next election. lovely parody, nice

Studio 403's picture

oh you are nasty mr "username" , what a cheap shot even not to disclose your real name. I give no thoughts who post in this manner