5 Portrait Lighting Setups Using Just One Umbrella

When you are newer to working with artificial lighting, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick the right modifier for a given shoot. Umbrellas are easily the cheapest modifiers you can get, making them a great tool for learning how to work with artificial light, and they are more versatile than you might think. This great video tutorial will show you five different single umbrella setups for shooting portraits. 

Coming to you from Emily Teague with Adorama TV, this excellent video tutorial will show you five different portrait lighting setups using just a single umbrella. Umbrellas can actually create very nice light, but the reason many photographers avoid using them is that they tend to throw light everywhere, making it a bit difficult to control the spill. If that is not something you are worried about, however, they are an effective and affordable tool, and they make a fantastic first modifier as you learn about the properties of light. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Teague. 

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