Learn How This Dramatic Portrait Was Shot With Just One Light and a Reflector

No doubt, when you are first learning about artificial lighting, it can feel very foreign and difficult to master, particularly when it seems like pros are using complex multi-light setups for all their shots. However, you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish with one light, a reflector, and strong knowledge of the fundamentals of lighting. This excellent video tutorial will show you how just such a shot was created and the process the photographer went through to create the final image. 

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler Photography, this awesome video tutorial will show you how she created a dramatic portrait using a single light and the white side of a v-flat. I always enjoy these tutorials because they show that while more complex lighting setups have their place, you can absolutely produce professional work using a single light, which can be crucial when you are working in a time crunch, at a relatively inaccessible location, or when you are simply trying to master the fundamentals of lighting by starting with just a single light (which is how you should begin things). Sometimes, keeping things simpler is better. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Adler. 

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