Portrait Photographer Gives His Best 5 Tips for Improving Your Portrait Photography

Do you think you know how to take good portrait photos? Here, a highly credentialed professional portrait photographer gives his top five tips for improving portrait images. How many of them do you use?

There are a lot of people out there who think that pointing a camera at someone and filling the frame with their face equates to portrait photography. There's a person, there's a face, it's a portrait. What else is there to know? Of course, this is a ridiculous notion, and if you've ever tried to do portrait photography and really bring out the nuances of your subject's personality and character, you'd know how challenging a task it can be. Thankfully, there are many great portrait photographers out there willing to let you in on a few secrets of the trade.

And that brings us to this great video by Glyn Dewis, in which he offers his five best tips to really bring your portraits to life and take your portrait photography to new levels. What I like about Dewis is that he often critiques his own work, and this video is no different. He looks back at some of his old work and explains why it's not as good as it could be and where it needs to improve. According to Dewis, the five things you absolutely need to improve your portrait photography include: making sure your subject's comfortable before beginning the shoot, eye contact, where the eyes should go for different subjects, and more. How many of these do you use? Give the video a look and let me know your thoughts.

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Iain Stanley is an Associate Professor teaching photography and composition in Japan. He has presented at conferences globally and written for Japan Travel and the Japan National Tourism Organization. If you'd like to learn more about his work, his life in Japan, or how he edits his award-winning images, please click the website link above.

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Thank you.

So squinting brings life and connection into portraits. Hm. Need to try this myself. Interesting video.

Great video, great tips, great photographs.

Really cool ideas.

One of the most useful videos I have watched on this web site!

Excellent video and really useful tips - thanks!