Can you Edit a 100 Megapixel Raw File on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Whether you need to edit on the fly or you can't justify dropping a large wad of cash on a editing machine, making adjustments on Lightroom mobile could be an option for you. But can it handle 100 megapixel raw files, and if so, how well?

Richard Ng of ZP Productions is a talented portrait and cosplay photographer from Singapore and in his latest video, he tests the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Lightroom mobile. For the bulk of Ng's work, he uses the Fujifilm GFX 100 which is a heavy duty medium format body, producing 100 megapixel raw files as the name implies. The difficulty of that size file is twofold, however: storage and editing.

I shot for a while with the GFX 100 at Fuji's launch event for it in Tokyo and the files were staggering, both in flex and detail, as well as in size. I built my current PC so that it would never break a sweat when editing video or photo files, but it was still noticeably slower than out of my Sony. Well, this video might surprise you. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does well — very well in fact — and might even out perform some lower-end laptops and desktop computers.

Do you ever edit using your mobile phone? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Les Sucettes's picture

You can do many things in life...

take a selfie 🤳 in front of a steep cliff 🏔
bake a cake and add a whole lot of salt to it
take a gun, point it to your head and pull the trigger just to see if it is loaded

jay holovacs's picture

"Do you ever edit using your mobile phone?" of course not.

Maybe I might tweak a tone curve on a phone shot. But otherwise absolutely not.

[Not so much the processing issue, but really , tiny screen fingertip as input device. Not on a phone. Not on a tablet]

Catherine Bowlene's picture

Well, editing with the help of your phone only is a good idea when you are about to post the picture on Instagram, but I doubt it will be good for other purposes. When I'm too lazy to do post-processing, I make myself add at least some color correction in photoworks, cause I can't stand a picture that doesn't look perfect to me.

Vaughn Morgan's picture

I edit my 24mp photos on my note 8 because i cant afford a computer. And it works alright. I imagine if you have a gfx 100 you can afford anything though, but i think the purpose of this article was just to see if its possible.