The #Phlearnmethod Is Here To Make Photoshop Simple

The guys at Phlearn have done it again. This time they present us with a set of actions that will speed up your workflow and show you that Photoshop is nothing to be afraid of. The #phlearnmethod will allow you to transform your images in a few clicks, adding unique, themed-styles.

You can also combine several styles and lower the intensity of the effect, creating endless possibilities of custom styles and looks for your images.

The process is very simple and you can use the actions at any stage of your workflow, but one thing I would recommend is to set your actions window to display Buttons: 

For a better experience change to Button Mode

I tried some of the actions myself, and I must say they are very intuitive and quick to use. Plus having the ability to lower the opacity of the layers of groups they create and even change the blending mode, gives you a nice control over the finished product. And if you need to recreate a particular look you’ve achieved you need only to duplicate the groups of adjustments.


You can purchase the Complete Bundle of actions or choose from seven different categories: 

  • Black and White
  • Fashion Colors
  • Instant Textures
  • Light Leaks
  • Retouching
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Vintage

Plus a Sample Pack that you can try out for free. 

All of the Phlearn Method Photoshop Actions are 30% off for a limited time. Save yourself time and money and pick them up soon!

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Vladimir Ladev's picture

Good job Aaron and team!

Everything that guy does needs to be quoted here, amazing stuff. (And/or just subscribe to the youtube channel like I've done)

Jason Ranalli's picture

Phlearn is THE place to learn Photoshop IMO. There are others who I follow for more specific styles of post-production work but Phlearn covers nearly everything that anyone wanting to learn Photoshop would want to know.

Aaron is the only person who was able to present these concepts in a way that I could understand clearly. He must have hundreds of free tutorials online with great content and if you want something more complete from start to finish I highly recommend any of his paid tutorials - I have bought a number of them and they were worth every penny.

I sound like a shill but Aaron's work changed everything for me.

Anonymous's picture

While I really love actions (creating my own), It bugs me that people don't learn Photoshop well enough to do these basic things. most actions I have run across are simple layer adjustments anyone can and should learn. Take the time to learn the basics and you wont need to ever pay for an action again. With or without actions, Photoshop is not something to be feared.

With that off my chest, I LOVE phlearn. One of my favorite sites and Aaron is amazing!!

Felipe Zabala's picture

I partly agree with you, but I'm also well aware that there is a whole bunch of people who just don't have the need to incorporate Photoshop into their workflow. Mostly because they are amateurs or people who enjoy taking pictures as a hobby or simply photographers who focus more on the creation of the image rather than the post processing. I believe that for this type of people and probably others, a nice action set like this one is the difference between using the picture as it came out the camera or reaching that look and feel they had in mind when creating it.

Justin Roux's picture

Phlearn is to learn photoshop, #Phlearnmethod is to unlearn it.

Bashing a product that keeps Aaron making free videos?

John Skinner's picture

I watch a slew of content for Ps across the web. That said, these guy's can't do anything wrong.

From the smallest tut put out there for a teeth whitening, to full blown lessons on just about every subject one can cover in this behemoth of a program Aaron and this team always whack it out of the park. I DO wish they had a yearly subscription for all the content though. It's a much better value than KelbyOne anymore since they added sprinkles like 'what;s it like to be so &so'.. I signed up for NAPP, I WANT NAPP CONTENT.

It's a great job, great product, great front man, great production team, just a pay as you go plan that makes a person want to walk away. Better pricing and implementation and these guys would be reinventing the wheel.