Shortcuts That Will Save You Time in Lightroom

Time is valuable. The next three minutes of this video could possibly save you a ton of time over the course of your editing career, and if there is absolutely anything I can do to speed up my Lightroom workflow, I’m all for it.

While some of us often find ourselves complaining about the shortcomings of Adobe’s Lightroom or its sluggish performance at times, the fact is there are several built-in shortcuts, and while they may not improve the performance of the software we find ourselves dependent on, they can certainly save you some time.

YouTuber Lucy Martin shares how she quickly accesses some of Adobe Lightroom’s features using surprisingly simple shortcuts. Personally, I have enough to remember as it is, so the thought of remembering dozens of shortcuts seems like a lot of work, however over the last couple of years a few of these shortcuts have managed to stick with me, like pressing the B key to send an image over to your quick collection gallery – an excellent feature when initially culling a set of images.

What are your favorite Lightroom shortcuts? Did she leave any helpful time-savers out? Share your favorite Lightroom shortcuts in the comments below. 

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David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Sweet vid! My favorite shortcuts are the now open source VSco Keys. So good!

Han Seoul-Oh's picture

what would truly save time is typing out the shortcuts to be read in 30 seconds, and referred back to if necessary, rather than waste 3 minutes watching a video.

Mark Holtze's picture

I enjoyed that! Shortcut video was actually entertaining! Nice share.

Jeff Morris's picture

M: mute that god-awful looping track.

Ray Hardy's picture

Control-option-command-eject. nuff said

What I have found really helpful is to get an RGB keyboard and program only the shortcut keys that you most want to learn to light up, in different colors by category. You can also have separate lighting profiles for Photoshop, Illustrator etc. It also looks awesome